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Солонгосын одууд 2009 ондоо бэлдэж байна

2009 онд өмнөх жилийнхээс дутахааргүй олон уран бүтээл, тоглолтууд болохнээ.wonder_girls-2008_biche_01

Мэдээж нэгдүгээрт Wonder Girls өөрсдийн анхны бие даасан тоглолтоо 2 сард хийх ба бусад орнуудаар ч бас хийнэ. Тоглолтоо хийж дуусаад алс холын Америк орныг зорино.

Super Junior, the 13-member pop group, saw some of its members branching out here and also abroad through smaller “units” like Super Junior-T, Super Junior-Happy, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y, but this year will see all of the members getting together as one whole group.

“We think we show our best performances when we are all working together. We will show everyone what Super Junior has in store this year, all together,” the members said at a recent press conference before their concert scheduled for this month.

The group will release its third album in March. While the members of Super Junior are getting back together, Big Bang is gearing up for solo activities.

The five-member pop group is holding concerts from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 and will greet fans individually through different projects. Victory, known as Seung-ri here, has started performing solo songs recently.

His song “Strong Baby” was included in the group’s album, and slowly gained popularity day after day, especially after his performance during a music program on major TV network SBS last month. With a music video and album plans, Victory will hopefully prove that he can fly solo.

“Along with Victory, G-Dragon and Tae-yang are also looking at releasing solo albums soon. Dae-sung is also planning to release a trot (Korean traditional pop genre) single, while TOP will continue to work with other singers, including Gummy and Uhm Jung-hwa. Fans will have the chance to witness the various musical skills of the members,” YG Entertainment said.

Nine-member group Girls’ Generation is planning to release its first mini-album called “Gee” Jan. 7. The main track, also titled “Gee,” was written by famed songwriter E-Tribe, the same composer who brought Lee Hyo-ri’s hit number “U-Go Girl.”

Being one of the only girl groups to have sold more than 10,000 albums with their debut work “Girls’ Generation” last year, the group’s next project started a buzz among fans and those working in the pop music industry

TVXQ, who returned to the pop scene after a two-year hiatus last year with its fourth album, is planning to tour overseas this year. Starting in Korea, the five-member group will take “The Third Asia Tour Concert-Mirotic” to places such as Beijing and Bangkok. The group’s local concert will be held at the Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park. TVXQ will also release a single album later this month in Japan (Bolero).

source: sharingyoochun
credit: Korea Times + Soompi + minsarang + twistedstars.wp + kimyoobin.wp

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