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Wonder Girls ‘Wonder Valentine Day’ Crown Bakery New Pictures

wonder girls wonder valentine's

Үргэлжлүүлж унших ‘Wonder Girls ‘Wonder Valentine Day’ Crown Bakery New Pictures’

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The Wonder Girls Hit Cali! [орчуулах уу? яах уу?]

The Wonder Girls 02.01.09

Hey everyone,

We’re finally in L.A.!!! We’re still a bit jetlagged from the 13 hour plane ride but we’re so excited to be here. So far it’s been awesome!!!

We’ve been very busy lately preparing for our JYP Tour Concert next month. We’ll be touring major cities – a concert in L.A. on March 5th, Orange County on the 6th, and we’ll fly to New York for our final concert on the 8th.

We’ve also been studying and practicing English a ton, can you tell?! Our hope is that we can communicate with more of our fans here in the U.S. We can’t wait to perform here and hope to meet with you guys very soon. So spread the word!

We’ll be in L.A. for a week for some shoots and other projects, but we’ll update this blog pretty frequently so please stay tuned!

Love Always,

Sun Ye, Yubin, Ye Eun, Sunmi, Sohee

[Source: MTV Iggy]

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MTV Iggy : Wonder Girls

MTV Iggy дээр Wonder Girlsын талаар мэдээлэл нийтлэгдэж мөн Nobody дууных нь клип тавигдсан байлээ. Нэг гоё юм нь гэвэл тэд өөрсдийн гэсэн блог хөтөлж байгаа. Өөрсдөө өнглиар бичээд бараг өдөр болгон шинэчилж байгаа

MTV IGGY дээр  ын талаар дараахь инфо-г бичсэн байлээ

Upon its release on September 22nd, 2008, “Nobody” immediately topped multiple Korean charts. The style concepts and art direction, both on stage and in their music videos, reflect a heyday 60’s Motown feel. The Wonder Girls also won three awards including “Best Female Group,” “Best Music Video” and “Song of the Year” from the 2008 M.NET MKMF award show in Korea.

2008 оны 9 сарын 22нд Nobody дуу нь гарангуутаа л  Солонгосын чартуудыг тэргүүлэх болсон  Wonder Girls хамтлагын өнгө төрх тайзан дээр ч тэр дуу хөгжимд нь ч 60-аад оныг санагдуулдаг. Тэд 2008 M.NET MKMF ээс “Оны шилдэг эмэгтэй хамтлаг, клип, дуу” гэсэн шагналуудыг хүртсэн

Source: MTV Iggy Official Website: Here

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Sunye’s Twitter update

  • RT @vixxwuxian: vixx didn’t stab each other and then themselves, travel naked to the moon, turn into demons, add a whip sfx in their song,… 7 minutes ago

Sohee’s Twitter update

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