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Wonder Girls – 3 bear song

Нэг ийм бичлэг оллоо. 3н баавгайн дууг дуулж байгаан хихи

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The Wonder Girls Sad Departure from A New Favorite City!

The Wonder Girls 02.10.09

Hey guys…

Guess what…

We couldn’t attend the Grammy Awards pre-party tonight… such a bummer!  You wouldn’t believe how excited we were when we found out that we were actually invited.  It would’ve been so amazing to see all those celebrities and important people in this industry, but unfortunately we didn’t make the age cut-off!  If only we were a few years older!!

We just wrapped up our projects in LA and enjoyed the city as much as we could with a bit more sightseeing ( and SHOPPINGGG, of course). Can’t believe we’re gone!!  Meeting new fans, working with great people and making fun memories –  we’ll never forget it.

But don’t be sad if you didn’t run into us – we’re coming back to LA and Orange County  – and NYC — early next month for our JYP TOUR concerts. So you better not miss us this time around!  It’ll be a fun concert with a lot of special highlight performances.

We’re going back to Korea in a couple hours, but we’ll keep updating this blog, so stay tuned.

See you LA!  Love ya!


[Source: MTV Iggy]

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Wonder Girls on 18th High1 Seoul Music Award 090212

Өнөөдөр болж өнгөрсөн 18дахь удаагийн High1 Seoul Music Awardаас нийт 3 шагнал авлаа. Хамгийн том шагнал болох Daesang award (Top Award) дээрээс нь Digital Music award бас Bonsang. Өмнө нь шагналыг Big Bang (2007), DBSK (2006), Shinhwa (2004), Lee Hyori (2003), BoA (2004) авч байсан гэнэ

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Back in Korea! (from Wonder Girls’ ningin blog)


Hey everyone!

We’re back in Seoul! We’re sooo jetlagged from the flight…jetlag is the right word, right?
I think we’re all going to just rest today.
We miss LA already!!! Can’t wait to go back and meet with our fans for our concert in March!
Hope you guys can all make it!
You guys also heard about the WONDER GIRLS DANCE contest right?? So all you dancers out there – sign up!!!
We’ve seen youtube clips of all different types of people dancing to our songs and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to hopefully give something back to our fans!

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated with our concert preparations and events going on while we’re here in Seoul.
Oh and I almost forgot…
kimmiemai, this is Ye Eun.
I got your gift package. JYP’s New York office sent it to my hotel while we were still in LA.Thank you so much. It was very sweet of you. I will make sure to read those books and make my English better. And thank you for the chocolate too! It was sooo good!

Till next time-



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Our WONDERFUL LA Trip! (Wonder Girls ningin blog)

February 6

Hi Everyone!

This is our very first post on Ningin and we’re so happy to be able to put our very FIRST post while we’re here in the states!
Yup! As some of you guys may know, we have been in LA this past week. And actually, it’s Grammy week right now so besides our main reason for being here…it’s a secret for now…sorry! :(, we were invited to some great events.
We had the amazing opportunity to attend the 2009 Grammy Art Exhibition: Worlds On Fire invited by Will.I.Am!!!
And yes! We were finally able to see him in person! He was really nice and the artwork that we saw was so amazing!

Although Sun Ye wanted to keep one of the artwork for herself, that did not happen. Oh well…

It’s been a pretty crazy week, meeting sooooo many people but we’re having so much fun too! And to know that we have so many fans here in the US…we were just talking about how lucky and thankful we are.

Okay. Time to go to bed!

Wonderful dreams everyone!

The Wonder Girls

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