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Концертонд нь дуулагдсан дуунуудын жагсаалт мөн фэнүүдийн авсан бичлэгүүд

СүИ ч үнэхээр будаа болгож байна.. ёстой “янзтай” үзүүлбэрүүд болсон байналээ. Тэнд байгаагүй нь харамсалтай.. T^T

-1 Welcome Audio+JYP introduce
0 Royal Anthem Song
1 I Wanna
2 Bad Boy
3 Good Bye
4 So Hot
5 Talking
6 Video
7 Nobody (Rainstone Mix)
8 This Time
9 Killing Me Softly – YeEun

10 Sun and Moon – SunYe

11 Single Ladies – SoHee

12 Invite – SunMi

13 Sexy Back – YooBin

14 Talking
15 Intro+This Fool

16 You’re Out
17 Headache

18 Irony
19 2PM- 10 of 10
20 2PM- Talking
21 2PM- Only You
22 Nichkhun Solo
23 Saying I Love You
24 Take Away
25 Sorry Heart
26 Video
27 Intro+One Night Only
28 Nobody Tango
29 Nobody Original
30 Intro+Tell Me
31 Wishing On The Star
32 Talking
33 Nobody Remix
34 Tell Remix with 2PM

35 Good Bye Video

credits to kimjaewon @ soompi

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Wonder Girls Америкт 5 сарын 5нд дебют хийнэ

As the biggest hit maker of Asian pop music, JYP Entertainment brings you their next biggest phenomenon, Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls, five female teenage sensations hailing from the east as music royalty, is finally making their highly anticipated US debut. The Wonder Girls are the next coming of the Spice Girls.

The US audience got a sneak preview of the Wonder Girls in 2008 when the 1 entertainment blogger in the US, Perez Hilton featured not one, but two of their hit music videos on his blog site. Perez Hilton says, “So fabs…we loves it!” The Wonder Girls were also featured on Virgin Media as one of the top 8 girls groups to watch in the world, along with the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Danity Kane.

The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “Powered by catchy grooves, an all-out marketing frenzy and a wildly addictive internet dance craze, the teenage divas known as the Wonder Girls have become Korea’s biggest pop phenomenon.”

The Wonder Girls have accrued 3 no. 1 hit songs in Asia within the last two years, each having won an unprecedented amount of awards and digital downloads. And in less than two years, the Wonder Girls generated close to $20 million in revenue, including over 20 endorsement deals (i.e. Samsung, Baskin-Robbins, etc.).

The Wonder Girls’ first US debut single, “Nobody” is expected to launch on May 5, 2009.
Are you prepared for the Wonder Girls’ wonderful US adventure?
[Source: Wonder Girls MYSPACE Page]

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the 1st Wonder концертын зургуудаас

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Wonder Girls Myspace Page Launch!


Wonder Girls just finished their Myspace page. We know this because Ningin just finished designing it for them. It’s not something we normally do, nor do we especially like doing Myspace layouts in general. But JYP asked and we just couldn’t say no. So if you have a Myspace account, go friend them!

Please don’t ask us to do your Myspace page for you. Like I said, this is not what we do on a normal basis.

Wonder Girls also have a Facebook group, a YouTube Channel, an iTunes page, and their CDs on Amazon.

Very soon, each member of the group will have their own Twitter account (Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Yubin, Sohee). Very web 2.0 right? They’re so busy, I hope they can keep up with all this stuff.

sr: ningin

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Crown Bakery new pictures

бас л цаг тухайд нь нийтлэхээ мартчиж. Энэ уг нь валентины үеэр гарсан юм Sunye SunMi Yoobin 3ых л гарсан нөгөө 2ых бхгүй. Энэ зургуудаар wallpaper хийсэн байгаа эндээс үзэж болно. Томоор үзэхийг хүсвэл дээр нь дарна уу

Яг одоо хүн блогоор зочилж байна

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