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Wonder Girls the younger version of Spice Girls

American People’s сэтгүүлд  WonderGirls America-д ирэх талаар нийтэлжээ. 4 азийн одуудыг дурдсан ба эдгээр нь Utada Hikaru, Se7en, BoA and WonderGirls. Utada Hikaru -г Mariah Carey-тэй , Se7en – Justin Timberlake, BoA – ‘Asia’ Britney Spears хэмээн адилтгажээ.

Харин WonderGirls -ыг “дугаралт нь:  Spice Girls-ын залуу хувилбар“ гэсэн ба “ирэх сард Америкт Nobody дууныхааа англи хувилбараар дебют хийнэ” гэж бичжээ


WONDER GIRLS The South Korean quintet will release an English version of “Nobody” – one of three No.1 Asian hits they’ve had since launching two years ago – next month in the US.
Sounds like: A younger version of the Spice Girls
Fun fact: Truly a girl group, they’re under 21!
– Lesley Hesser

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Nick Kids Choice “Best Female Singer Award”

Figure queen Kim Yuna, idol group Big Bang, and Koreans’ MC Yoo Jae Seok have been picked up by young people of Korea as their choice of people in the spotlight.

Young people entertainment channel Nick recently did a poll online for ‘2nd Korea Kids Choice Awards’. And Kim Yuna has been chosen as the ‘Best Wannabe’ with 3486 votes (50%), the figure that young people want to be.

And group Big Bang and MC Yoo Jae Seok received 4907 votes (70%) and 4693 votes (67%) respectively, receiving overwhelming response and approval by young people to be awarded the ‘Best Male Singer Award’ and “Best Gagman’ for the 2nd consecutive year.

Big Bang said, “We are stunned to know that even though we have ended our activities in Korea, we are still receiving support and love from everyone. But we are hoping we can also win next year.”

While Yoo Jae Seok, “I would like to thank all the young people. I will definitely keep this cute trophy at my display cabinet.”

While groups So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls have been awarded ‘Best Female Singer Award’ with 3184 votes (46%) and 2096 votes (30%) respectively.

The poll took place from 9th March to 9th April on Nick’s official site, with 7 categories surveyed and received about 48755 votes.

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YooBin:: twitter update

Америкт эд нар ч сайхан байгаа бололтой. Юбин Сонми 2 нэг өрөөнд байгаа юм байна. Ашгүй Сонми юм идэж тарга авах нь хаха lol. Юбин л их интернет орж байгаа бололтой бусад нь ч shopping хийгээд л явж байгаа байх даа гэссс 😛


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Wonder Girls-ыг хэн бүхэн сонсдог, бүр … 080622

Wonder Girls 2008 оны 6 сарын 22нд SBS popular song-д “SO HOT” дуугаа дуулсан. Харин тэгэхэд нэг жигтэй хачин зүйл тохиолдсон юм.

wonder-girls-80622 Үргэлжлүүлж унших ‘Wonder Girls-ыг хэн бүхэн сонсдог, бүр … 080622’

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Download HQ of New MV: NOW (Remake)

барууны стайлыг гаргасан дажгүй клип болсон шиг санагдсан

[143.67 MB] (720 x 480)

format .ts

Download Here

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Ivy Club::зарим нэг үзэгдэж харагдаагүй бас new pics


Үргэлжлүүлж унших ‘Ivy Club::зарим нэг үзэгдэж харагдаагүй бас new pics’

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Hey New York!! 090403

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the late update- how is everyone??

And yes, We’re back in NYC!!! :D
It’s a different feeling this time being in NY since we’re not only here for a few days for concerts, but we’ll be here for a few months or maybe even more! We’re preparing for our debut here in the US, and enjoying every moment of being in the big city. So far, we’ve been doing a lot of sightseeing, shopping, and we had so much fun at the beach this weekend!

Watch out for more of our news and updates on our myspace, facebook and twitter!!!

Have a great week guys!


[Source: Wonder Girls Ningin Blog]

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Sunye’s Twitter update

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Yeeun’s Twitter update

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Sohee’s Twitter update

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