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Our Crazy Experience at MTV! 090323



Thank you so much to everyone who came to see us on March 10th!!! We had so much fun!!!

It was crazy seeing ourselves on the big screen in Times Square and a dream come true. The studio was so cool and we loved performing for and meeting with our fans in a small setting. We even recognized some of our YouTube fans, prize winners and other familiar faces! Thank you for being there to support us. Please upload all your videos and pictures of us on MTV Iggy and all our online pages because we’d love to see them.

We’re now back in Korea for another concert, and busy with our schedules here. We’re still practicing English diligently so keep writing to us. Oh, by the way, we’re so excited that our NOBODY ringtones are now up on Thumbplay. Check it out and download them if you can!

Join our official facebook group, follow us on Twitter and read our blogs on Ningin too!!! We’re really trying to keep in touch with our lovely fans as often as we can and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Have fun till next time.


[source: MTV Iggy]

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Back in L.A. again!

The Wonder Girls 03.04.09

Hey everybody!

We just finished our Thailand concert and are back in L.A.!  Our concert is tomorrow – can you believe it?!!  We’re so excited!!  Please tell all your friends to come. It’s an exclusive show where you can see many of our JYP artists. It will be great fun!!!

If you didn’t purchase tickets yet go here:

We’re sure many of you know this already, but please check out our new MySpace page! We also made our official Facebook page, so join and we’ll keep you updated as much as we can!



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the Wonder Girls Prepare from Seoul! [mtv iggy]


Hey guys,

Hope everyone is doing well!  Sorry for the late update…

As you may all know, we’re back in Korea. We’ve been busy with events here in Seoul and just generally preparing for our concerts coming up in the next few weeks.  We also have concert rehearsals and English lessons every day, so it keeps us very busy! We miss L.A. so much but we’ll be back soon!!

By the way, thank you so much for all your love and support. We were sooo excited and thankful to receive three awards at the Seoul Music Awards on the 12th. We worked hard to get here and we’re crazy about what we do! Thank you for loving our music and our dances… we’ll work harder to perform well at all our future concerts!

We look forward to meeting many more fans at our shows in California and New York.  See you soon!!

Till next time and LOTS OF LOVE,


P.S. Hope you like our pics!

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The Wonder Girls Sad Departure from A New Favorite City!

The Wonder Girls 02.10.09

Hey guys…

Guess what…

We couldn’t attend the Grammy Awards pre-party tonight… such a bummer!  You wouldn’t believe how excited we were when we found out that we were actually invited.  It would’ve been so amazing to see all those celebrities and important people in this industry, but unfortunately we didn’t make the age cut-off!  If only we were a few years older!!

We just wrapped up our projects in LA and enjoyed the city as much as we could with a bit more sightseeing ( and SHOPPINGGG, of course). Can’t believe we’re gone!!  Meeting new fans, working with great people and making fun memories –  we’ll never forget it.

But don’t be sad if you didn’t run into us – we’re coming back to LA and Orange County  – and NYC — early next month for our JYP TOUR concerts. So you better not miss us this time around!  It’ll be a fun concert with a lot of special highlight performances.

We’re going back to Korea in a couple hours, but we’ll keep updating this blog, so stay tuned.

See you LA!  Love ya!


[Source: MTV Iggy]

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The Wonder Girls Do Downtown LA [орчуулах уу? яах уу?]

The Wonder Girls 02.06.09

Hey everybody,

Hope everyone is having a good week!

We had a brief tour of dowtown LA this morning before attending our afternoon meetings, and it was fabulous!  It was a bit shocking to see that some parts were totally dominated by Koreans and Korean shops.  It was fun to tour around the city and sneak in some spontaneous shopping here and there, too.

People here seem so laid-back and a few foreigners recognized us off the streets and asked us for autographs.  Two guys even started doing our latest “Nobody” dance, which got us really excited, of course. We totally didn’t expect that!  Thank you all for your love and support!!!

Well, we have a few more events to attend later so we’ll update more tomorrow…

Love you all!!!  See you later!


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The Wonder Girls Meet [орчуулах уу? яах уу?]

The Wonder Girls 02.03.09

Hi everyone!

Guess who we met last night… from The Black Eyed Peas!!!

He hosted a Grammy-nominated Artist Exhibition in L.A. and it was so crazy to meet him in person.  We were pleasantly surprised that a lot of VIPs and American media were interested in us, too.  We thought they’d just think: who are these five girls uniformly dressed with funky, blockish hairstyles!?

Aside from all the meetings and tight schedules, we’re having so much fun randomly meeting top artists, industry professionals and, of course, our fans!  Hope we have more of those opportunities and that we’re able to show off our songs and dance moves, too.

Till tomorrow with love,


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MTV Iggy : Wonder Girls

MTV Iggy дээр Wonder Girlsын талаар мэдээлэл нийтлэгдэж мөн Nobody дууных нь клип тавигдсан байлээ. Нэг гоё юм нь гэвэл тэд өөрсдийн гэсэн блог хөтөлж байгаа. Өөрсдөө өнглиар бичээд бараг өдөр болгон шинэчилж байгаа

MTV IGGY дээр  ын талаар дараахь инфо-г бичсэн байлээ

Upon its release on September 22nd, 2008, “Nobody” immediately topped multiple Korean charts. The style concepts and art direction, both on stage and in their music videos, reflect a heyday 60’s Motown feel. The Wonder Girls also won three awards including “Best Female Group,” “Best Music Video” and “Song of the Year” from the 2008 M.NET MKMF award show in Korea.

2008 оны 9 сарын 22нд Nobody дуу нь гарангуутаа л  Солонгосын чартуудыг тэргүүлэх болсон  Wonder Girls хамтлагын өнгө төрх тайзан дээр ч тэр дуу хөгжимд нь ч 60-аад оныг санагдуулдаг. Тэд 2008 M.NET MKMF ээс “Оны шилдэг эмэгтэй хамтлаг, клип, дуу” гэсэн шагналуудыг хүртсэн

Source: MTV Iggy Official Website: Here

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